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Mistress Eden Lost


A must read before a session or even contacting Me.

First and foremost, My femdom philosohpy is that the Domina and Her wishes are held in highest regard. That means you will approach Her with respect. Respecting your Domina means you will maintain a humble, but not groveling, tone of voice. you will not presume you can negotiate rates, limits, or the rules. In harmony with this, as a Dominatrix, I take the discretion, safety, and respect of My submissives very seriously. All sessions are at all times Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Some of My rules are My preference, some are for your protection. In either case, they are non negotiable. If you feel the need or urge to argue about the rules, avoid them, or not follow them- you are not eligible to serve Me.


These are My hard limits. Do not ask Me to engage in these activites.

Session and Contact Rules

Before contacting Me for an Online or In Person session, make sure you understand this.

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