Stockholm Fetish Weekend!

Hello darklings!

Next week brings U/us the annual Stockholm Fetish Weekend and I’m very excited to be participating this year! I’ll be speaking at the Fetish Fair on Friday, March 30th at 1400 and 1600.

Nästa föreläsare: Mistress Eden Lost!

Mistress Eden Lost is an American Dominatrix living and working in Sweden. Her style of domination is intense and sadistic with nods to classic BDSM. In addition to Her pro Domme work, She is an intersectional activist in anti racism, feminism, sex positivity, and pro sex worker movements.

Misstress Eden Lost will hold two talks for us during Fetish fair:

14.00: Marginalized Identities in BDSM and Fetish

16.00: Am I a real Domme now?
A lecture about the uncomfortable division between pro BDSM professionals and lifestyle BDSM practitioners.

If you have any questions that you’d like answered during one of My talks, comment below!

I’ll also be walking in the fashion show on Saturday night and performing a brand new fetish themed burlesque act inspired by the TV series Archer.

It’s a perfect mix of fetish, burlesque, and nerdy debauchery!

This party is already sold out! If you didn’t grab your tickets in time, send the organizers an email to volunteer. They might need some help setting up or tearing down!

See you all over pask weekend!



Kinkiest regards,

Mistress Eden Lost



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