Respect your Domina

Respect your Domina- you’ll both have a much better BDSM session!

Rules- virtually every Domme has them. Every Domme is different and therefore will have different sets of rules. But one thing every Domme has in common is this: We don’t appreciate having Our rules broken or ignored. We all have Our rules for a reason. Sometimes We make rules for the submissive’s safety, sometimes for Our own. Sometimes the rules protect our limits, sometimes they are there simply to make things run more smoothly in a session. Some of My rules are put in place for all of the above. Sometimes My rules are there for the purpose of weeding out time wasters and bad apples.

But one thing you can count on is that My rules are required reading!

Here’s an excerpt from My site regarding My rules:

First and foremost, My femdom philosohpy is that the Domina and Her wishes are held in highest regard. That means you will approach Her with respect. Respecting your Domina means you will maintain a humble, but not groveling, tone of voice. you will not presume you can negotiate rates, limits, or the rules. … Some of My rules are My preference, some are for your protection. In either case, they are non negotiable. If you feel the need or urge to argue about the rules, avoid them, or not follow them- you are not eligible to serve Me.

What’s important for you as a submissive to realize is that your place is and always will be beneath Me. Serving a Dominatrix is a privilege and a luxury. My style of domination is definitely influenced by traditional BDSM in that there is a very clear and distinct hierarchy between the Domina and the submissive. This does not mean that I don’t respect My subs- quite the opposite! I definitely respect the limits and discretion desired by My subs at all times. However, My rules were created to ensure that My submissives are compatible with Me in the first place. Not all submissives who apply to serve Me will be accepted. Many of you will be rejected. Consider yourself a special submissive if you do get a session with Me.

Why might I reject a submissive for not following the rules? What do I see when a submissive doesn’t follow the rules?

It shows they have ignored My writings. I don’t spend My time writing on this site just for Myself. Otherwise, I’d just make a kinky diary.

It shows they do not value My time.  The submissive not only disregards the time I took to write out the rules for their benefit, but they also disregard the time they have wasted with Me by not following the rules. I dislike having to repeat Myself.

It shows they are not truly submissive. This is a big one. If a submissive has read the rules but doesn’t bother to follow them, then they are clearly incapable of serving Me. Don’t be a waste of My time.

It shows they lack control. Seriously, if a submissive can’t take the few minutes to read through My rules and about Me section it shows Me a lack of self control.

It shows Me they objectify Me. you pay tribute to Me. you do not pay Me for a service. your desires are My lowest priority.

Do these statements make you cringe? Well then darkling, W/we aren’t compatible then, are W/we?

So, what happens when a submissive breaks the rules?

They are dismissed from service. If they have not even gotten that far, they are rejected from serving or banned- depending on the seriousness of the offense.

If it is during a session, the session will be ended and NO refunds given.


Remember darklings, whether it’s Me or any other Domina or fetishist, respect your Domina. Consent and limits are to be respected at all times!




Mistress Eden Lost



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