March Updates

Hello darklings!

The month of March has been an extremely busy one for this Mistress. Changes in personnel, travel plans, and tributes. I’m quite pleased and amused by the surge in interest and slave applications!

Slave Applications and Contact Forms

Because of the recent number of applications and emails I will be taking a little longer to get back to emails and slave applications.

Emails and applications that do not follow the rules or show that you have not bothered to read the information provided on this site may be ignored or rejected for service. Make sure you read about My requirements for real time femdom sessions here. Please note, I DO NOT take same day sessions, you must book in advance. Remember who you are writing to when you use that contact form: emails with groveling, demanding tone, no spell checking, or any language other than English will be ignored. Make yourself familiar with the Rules before contacting Me. Most of your questions are answered there.


Tributes are non negotiable. Due to increased demand and an overwhelming demand for travel to Stockholm, tributes for sessions based in any other city than Gothenburg have increased. See My Sessions page for more information.

Film Slaves

I am accepting applications for film slaves as I will be filming quite frequently over the coming months. Again, the Sessions page is your best friend for more information on filming femdom clips with Me.

Web Slave Vacancy

I have recently opened a spot for a new web slave. Contact Me with your interest in serving Me online via My Contact page.

Travel Dates and Future Updates

Travel dates and future updates will be posted on this page! Keep your eye on this blogĀ for the latest news, sign up to My newsletter, or follow Me on Twitter to keep abreast of all things Mistress Eden Lost.

A Stockholm visit is tentatively planned for Mid-April or Mid-May. If you require a specific date, you may make an additional tribute for My accommodation and travel expenses. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment in Gothenburg as it is a reasonable traveling distance from Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

Until next time, My pets.

–Mistress Eden Lost

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