Stockholm Fetish Weekend!

Hello darklings!

Next week brings U/us the annual Stockholm Fetish Weekend and I’m very excited to be participating this year! I’ll be speaking at the Fetish Fair on Friday, March 30th at 1400 and 1600.

Nästa föreläsare: Mistress Eden Lost!

Mistress Eden Lost is an American Dominatrix living and working in Sweden. Her style of domination is intense and sadistic with nods to classic BDSM. In addition to Her pro Domme work, She is an intersectional activist in anti racism, feminism, sex positivity, and pro sex worker movements.

Misstress Eden Lost will hold two talks for us during Fetish fair:

14.00: Marginalized Identities in BDSM and Fetish

16.00: Am I a real Domme now?
A lecture about the uncomfortable division between pro BDSM professionals and lifestyle BDSM practitioners.

If you have any questions that you’d like answered during one of My talks, comment below!

I’ll also be walking in the fashion show on Saturday night and performing a brand new fetish themed burlesque act inspired by the TV series Archer.

It’s a perfect mix of fetish, burlesque, and nerdy debauchery!

This party is already sold out! If you didn’t grab your tickets in time, send the organizers an email to volunteer. They might need some help setting up or tearing down!

See you all over pask weekend!



Kinkiest regards,

Mistress Eden Lost



Spring 2018 Tour Dates

Hello darklings!

Spring is coming and that means a new set of travel dates I will be traveling the following dates:

Stockholm March 28- 31

Oslo May 3

Berlin May 8-23


If your city is not listed and you’d like Me to visit, use My contact form to let Me know! I base My travels on My bookings and requests!

To book a session, click here!

Video Clips Starring Mistress Eden Lost

Hello darklings!

I’ve been quite busy filming lots of new content for you…some of you are quite hungry to see more of your Mistress in clips. Lucky for you, I enjoy making them very much!

Mistress Eden Lost in black lace from shoulder to hips.  Text overlay: "Serve your Mistress"
Serve Mistress Eden Lost online through video clips!

Visit My clip store today and see for yourself!


So, what are you waiting for? Become My little slut now!

You can buy My clips here:

Mistress Eden Lost’s clip store


Other places you can find Me:

I Want Clips

Clips 4 Sale



Respect your Domina

Respect your Domina- you’ll both have a much better BDSM session!

Rules- virtually every Domme has them. Every Domme is different and therefore will have different sets of rules. But one thing every Domme has in common is this: We don’t appreciate having Our rules broken or ignored. We all have Our rules for a reason. Sometimes We make rules for the submissive’s safety, sometimes for Our own. Sometimes the rules protect our limits, sometimes they are there simply to make things run more smoothly in a session. Some of My rules are put in place for all of the above. Sometimes My rules are there for the purpose of weeding out time wasters and bad apples.

But one thing you can count on is that My rules are required reading!

Here’s an excerpt from My site regarding My rules:

First and foremost, My femdom philosohpy is that the Domina and Her wishes are held in highest regard. That means you will approach Her with respect. Respecting your Domina means you will maintain a humble, but not groveling, tone of voice. you will not presume you can negotiate rates, limits, or the rules. … Some of My rules are My preference, some are for your protection. In either case, they are non negotiable. If you feel the need or urge to argue about the rules, avoid them, or not follow them- you are not eligible to serve Me.

What’s important for you as a submissive to realize is that your place is and always will be beneath Me. Serving a Dominatrix is a privilege and a luxury. My style of domination is definitely influenced by traditional BDSM in that there is a very clear and distinct hierarchy between the Domina and the submissive. This does not mean that I don’t respect My subs- quite the opposite! I definitely respect the limits and discretion desired by My subs at all times. However, My rules were created to ensure that My submissives are compatible with Me in the first place. Not all submissives who apply to serve Me will be accepted. Many of you will be rejected. Consider yourself a special submissive if you do get a session with Me.

Why might I reject a submissive for not following the rules? What do I see when a submissive doesn’t follow the rules?

It shows they have ignored My writings. I don’t spend My time writing on this site just for Myself. Otherwise, I’d just make a kinky diary.

It shows they do not value My time.  The submissive not only disregards the time I took to write out the rules for their benefit, but they also disregard the time they have wasted with Me by not following the rules. I dislike having to repeat Myself.

It shows they are not truly submissive. This is a big one. If a submissive has read the rules but doesn’t bother to follow them, then they are clearly incapable of serving Me. Don’t be a waste of My time.

It shows they lack control. Seriously, if a submissive can’t take the few minutes to read through My rules and about Me section it shows Me a lack of self control.

It shows Me they objectify Me. you pay tribute to Me. you do not pay Me for a service. your desires are My lowest priority.

Do these statements make you cringe? Well then darkling, W/we aren’t compatible then, are W/we?

So, what happens when a submissive breaks the rules?

They are dismissed from service. If they have not even gotten that far, they are rejected from serving or banned- depending on the seriousness of the offense.

If it is during a session, the session will be ended and NO refunds given.


Remember darklings, whether it’s Me or any other Domina or fetishist, respect your Domina. Consent and limits are to be respected at all times!




Mistress Eden Lost



Last Chance in 2017

Hello darklings!

Yes, you read the title right. This is your LAST CHANCE in 2017 to see Me in person for a femdom fetish session.
Read My Rules and My About Me on My website before applying!
STOCKHOLM submissives, read here:
2017 draws to a close soon and so I now announce My final tour dates for the year. If you are in Stockholm, beware! Don’t hesitate to book if you’ve missed out before: I won’t be touring Stockholm again for some time!
My final tour dates for the year are as follows:
STOCKHOLM November 2 through November 6 2017.
GOTHENBURG submissives, read here:
If you are a Gothenburg submissive, you are quite lucky as I will be taking sessions up until the middle of December. After which I will be taking a well deserved WINTER HOLIDAY!
That’s right! I’ll be taking a lovely bit of R and R (rest and relaxation!) this winter.
Have you seen what I’ve been up to?
My clip stores are now up and running with some very hot new content. Check the clips out here:
There’s lots of fresh new BDSM and ebony femdom content recently added. Future clips in the works will feature even more!
Are you bummed out about missing the chance for an in person, real time femdom session with Me? you may serve Me online via webcam, voice chat or texting.
And as always, you can find Me online on Twitter, Snapchat (@edenlost) and Live Cam Models Shows!
Keep your eyes on My blog for more updates, writings, and adventures!
Take care My darklings and keep it kinky,
-Mistress Eden Lost 

September Tour Dates

Hello My dearest darklings,

After a busy and productive summer vacation, I am back for the fall. Once again, I will be returning to Stockholm. Tour dates are as follows:

Stockholm: September 13-18

Are you ready for a femdom BDSM session with Me? If you are in Stockholm on the above dates,  go to My website for more information on how to apply. Make sure you also read the rules and how to apply. For My Gothenburg darklings, I am available as usual the remainder of the month.

If you do not read all of the above and message Me with questions answered in the website, I will assume you are incapable of following directions and reject your application for service. Not all who apply will be accepted.

Until next time My darklings: keep it kinky.

–Mistress Eden Lost

Tour dates for April!

Hello My darklings,

It looks like you eager subs in Stockholm just couldn’t wait. I now have bookings available for Stockholm at the end of April!

Next up on the itinerary: Berlin and Leipzig. That’s right, I’ll be at the German Fetish Weekend taking place in Berlin. There will be side excursions to nearby Leipzig as well. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Me in person for a real time femdom session.

Tour dates as follows:

  • Stockholm: Saturday, April 22- Monday, April 24 (limited spaces available for Saturday, Monday is almost fully booked!)
  • Berlin; Wednesday, April 26- Wednesday, May 10 (no sessions available for Sunday, April 29. It is fully booked)
  • Leipzig: any dates between Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 9

If you would like to book a femdom session or a video slave session in any of the above cities, go to My website for more information on how to apply. Make sure you also read the rules and how to apply.

If you do not read all of the above and message Me with questions answered in the website, I will assume you are incapable of following directions and reject your application for service. Not all who apply will be accepted.

Take care My darklings, and stay deviant and kinky.

–Mistress Eden Lost

Vote! Where should Mistress Eden Lost travel next?

Hello Darklings!

Answer this Twitter poll to vote for the next city I tour! I’ve been getting loads of requests from several places. I’d love to see them all, but My time is limited. Click on the link above to make sure your vote is recorded. Stockholm is in the lead. Let’s see which city wins! The prize of course is your chance to serve Me, in real time, in a sadistically creative femdom session. 

Is your city not listed? Reply to My tweet to let Me know where you are. 

And while you’re voting in the poll and tweeting at Me (no DMs- I don’t answer them) go ahead and follow Me on Twitter.
-Mistress Eden Lost

March Updates

Hello darklings!

The month of March has been an extremely busy one for this Mistress. Changes in personnel, travel plans, and tributes. I’m quite pleased and amused by the surge in interest and slave applications!

Slave Applications and Contact Forms

Because of the recent number of applications and emails I will be taking a little longer to get back to emails and slave applications.

Emails and applications that do not follow the rules or show that you have not bothered to read the information provided on this site may be ignored or rejected for service. Make sure you read about My requirements for real time femdom sessions here. Please note, I DO NOT take same day sessions, you must book in advance. Remember who you are writing to when you use that contact form: emails with groveling, demanding tone, no spell checking, or any language other than English will be ignored. Make yourself familiar with the Rules before contacting Me. Most of your questions are answered there.


Tributes are non negotiable. Due to increased demand and an overwhelming demand for travel to Stockholm, tributes for sessions based in any other city than Gothenburg have increased. See My Sessions page for more information.

Film Slaves

I am accepting applications for film slaves as I will be filming quite frequently over the coming months. Again, the Sessions page is your best friend for more information on filming femdom clips with Me.

Web Slave Vacancy

I have recently opened a spot for a new web slave. Contact Me with your interest in serving Me online via My Contact page.

Travel Dates and Future Updates

Travel dates and future updates will be posted on this page! Keep your eye on this blog for the latest news, sign up to My newsletter, or follow Me on Twitter to keep abreast of all things Mistress Eden Lost.

A Stockholm visit is tentatively planned for Mid-April or Mid-May. If you require a specific date, you may make an additional tribute for My accommodation and travel expenses. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment in Gothenburg as it is a reasonable traveling distance from Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

Until next time, My pets.

–Mistress Eden Lost

Welcome, darklings

Welcome to My shiny, new website and blog! If you haven’t already, take a moment to read all the new info I’ve added to My website. I’ve updated the About Me section with some background information on Myself and how I get into Femdom and My thoughts on being a Pro Domina. I’ve also updated the Sessions page with all the details you need for what it takes to have an in person BDSM or fetish session with Me. I go over what kinks and types of femdom play W/we can explore.

If you’re too far from My location, you can definitely Serve Online. On this page you’ll find details on Online Domination and Distance Slave Training I can administer.  There are instructions there for slave applications and video slave applications.

Be sure to read My Rules before contacting Me for an in person  Pro Domme session or online skype femdom session! I outline My kinks, fetishes, BDSM philosophy, and tribute fees very clearly among those pages.

If you’re a new submissive or bottom and a bit shy or afraid…don’t worry. I truly love this lifestyle and I won’t kink shame you. I firmly believe in Safe, Sane, and Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink. At some point I’ll update this blog with My thoughts on these concepts and their importance.

in the meantime, make sure you read the Sessions page completely. There is a lot of good information there that will tell you what to expect. Many of you contact Me with the desire to “get to know” Me. Fortunately for you, I’ve outlined how you can get to know the lady behind Mistress Eden Lost.

So you’ve got quite a bit of reading to do, My pet!


Until My next post, take care.

-Mistress Eden Lost